Emma Peacocke’s paper for the ‘Institutions as Curators’ workshop explored the topic from two different but complementary angles.  The first half of her talk considered the institutional interactions of the poet, lecturer and editor Thomas Campbell, who was instrumental in the founding of the University of London and an unusually active Rector of the University of Glasgow, representing the students in their struggles with institutional restrictions and attempting to inspire them through speeches and prize-givings.  The second part of her talk turned to the uses made of museums within literary works, reading Lord Grondale’s ‘Museum of Dissipation’ in Robert Bage’s Hermsprong: or, Man As He Is Not (1796) and considering the ways in which the novel engages with wider discourses of collecting, focusing particularly on intertextual relations with the works of Richard Payne Knight and with the paintings that Bage’s narrative evokes.

Emma has kindly made the PowerPoints for both parts of her talk available; these can be downloaded below.

Emma Peacocke – Thomas Campbell and the University of Glasgow as an Institution of Literature

Emma Peacocke – Museums in Romantic Literature: Robert Bage’s Hermsprong