The network’s final workshop, ‘Institutions as Actors’, will take place at York Medical Society and King’s Manor in York on Friday December 1st and Saturday December 2nd 2017.

This workshop will examine institutional identities, looking at how ideas and practices embed themselves and considering the points at which institutions themselves – as opposed to their officers and stakeholders – become perceived to be capable of performing actions.

The programme for this workshop is below and can also be downloaded here (note: revised 27th November).  If you’re interested in attending, we’d love to hear from you on


Friday December 1st: York Medical Society


9:30am – Introduction (Jenny Buckley, Jon Mee and Matthew Sangster)


9:45am – Panel One: Media and Circulation

  • Bill Bell (Cardiff University): ‘Commercial Sociability: The Case of John Murray and his Publishing Networks’
  • Jessica Hamal-Akré (University of Montreal): ‘Gossip, Medical Writing, and Print Culture in the case of Ann Moore, the Pretended Fasting Woman of Tutbury.’
  • Karin Koehler (Bangor University): ‘“[L]etters must increase”: Reading and Writing the Post Office as a Literary Institution’


11:15am – Tea


11:45am – Panel Two: Organising Knowledge in the Stacks


1:15pm – Lunch


2:15pm – Panel Three: Placing Literariness

  • Sophie Coulombeau (Cardiff University): ‘“To give birth to valuable productions”: Dr. John Trusler’s Literary Society that never was’
  • Cassandra Ulph (Bishop Grosseteste University) ‘“By mind or money”: Anne Lister and Halifax Institutions’
  • Richard Salmon (University of Leeds): ‘Professional Services: The Incorporated Society of Authors, 1884-1895’


3:45pm – Tea


4:15pm – Panel Four: International Institutionality

  • Gabor Gelleri (Aberystwyth University): ‘Travel Prize Contests within French Academy Networks’
  • Carmen Casaliggi (Cardiff Metropolitan University): ‘Holland House and the Institutionalisation of European Identity’


5:15pm – Pause


5:30pm – End-of-Day Discussion


6:30pm – Close



Saturday December 2nd: King’s Manor


9:30am – Panel Five: Authors Exhibiting, Authors as Exhibits

  • Lucy Linforth (University of Edinburgh): ‘Scott and Scottish Antiquarianism’
  • Sibylle Erle (Bishop Grosseteste University): ‘Alfred, Lord Tennyson: From Laureate to Instruction’
  • Oindrila Ghosh (Netaji Subhas Open University): ‘Locating Thomas Hardy’s Indian Correspondents: Unpublished Letters at the Hardy Archives in Dorset County Museum’


11am – Tea


11:30am – Panel Six: Agency and Mediation

  • Noah Heringman (University of Missouri): ‘Sumptibus Societatis Antiquariorum: The Shifting Location of Institutional Agency in the Print Series of the Society of Antiquaries’
  • Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes University): ‘The Eighteenth-Century Musenhof as Bridge and Broker for Literary Networks’
  • Mark Towsey (University of Liverpool): ‘The Agency of Subscription Libraries’


1pm – Lunch


2pm – Panel Seven: Conceptualising the Institution

  • David Brewer (The Ohio State University): ‘Institutions without Addresses’
  • David Worrall (University of Roehampton): ‘Theatres as Actors’
  • Dahlia Porter (University of Glasgow): ‘Embedded Institutions’


3:30pm – Tea


4pm – Concluding Roundtable

  • Alex Buchanan (University of Liverpool)
  • John Gardner (Anglia Ruskin University)
  • Sharon Ruston (Lancaster University)
  • Jon Mee (University of York)
  • Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow)


5:30pm – Close